About Tiderace

Tiderace was formed in 2006 by Dave Felton who joined forces with sea kayak designer, Aled Williams. Through this partnership, they combined a wealth of  experience and knowledge in materials technologies, construction techniques and manufacturing process, kayak retailing, and sea kayak design and computer-aided design.

We, at Tiderace pride ourselves in creating sea kayaks with uncompromising, cutting edge designs built using the finest and most advanced materials and  construction techniques. We think our kayaks push the boundaries of what’s possible in sea kayak design. And we manufacture and deliver a quality product to our customers around the world.

We believe that by associating with leading third party manufacturing companies we are able to translate our designs and create a product which is consistently better in terms of build quality, with gains in strength and weight savings, and respond to market demands.

This places Tiderace sea kayaks at the forefront of global sea kayak production.