Construction & Materials

Tiderace sea kayaks are leaders in the field of composite sea kayak construction techniques and material. Our kayaks have:

  • The best construction technology
  • Easy repair features
  • Advanced deck and hull joins
  • Tiderace Core Technology (TCT)
  • A range of construction types

The best construction technology

A Tiderace sea kayak uses the best construction technology that is currently available.  Tiderace kayaks are made with strong, durable, lightweight materials including carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. All constructions use a specially formulated epoxy resin which gives a significantly stronger laminate than polyester or vinylester resin. The composite laminates are either moulded by hand or vacuum depending on the construction type. All constructions are post, heat-cured.

Easy repair

A unique polyester gelcoat with exceptional adhesion to epoxy substrates for easy field repair

Advanced deck and hull joins

The deck / hull join consists of a quadruple layer overlap join – the deck moulding overlaps the hull, and both inner and outer surfaces are then covered with a glass fibre and epoxy seam. The outer seam is also gelcoated and polished for an immaculate finish.

Tiderace Core Technology (TCT)

Our composite kayaks feature Tiderace Core Technology – a multi-layer laminate with an additional resin supported core material into the middle of the laminate, making a sandwich. This middle core keeps the surfaces apart making the laminate stiff – the outer skin is made robust enough to withstand puncturing and the core sufficiently dense enough to withstand crushing. Performance laminates that give significantly stronger, stiffer and lighter kayaks, far exceeding the typical industry standard.

Note: All constructions are not available on all models.

Construction types and materials

Layer Material
1 Gel Coat
2 Glass cloth s-lite
3 Glass cloth lite
4 Glass cloth medium
5 Glass cloth heavy
6 Glass cloth s-heavy
7 Glass biaxial lite
8 Glass biaxial medium
9 Glass biaxial heavy
10 Resin Supported Core
11 Carbon Kevlar cloth

G-Core: Wet laminate deck, Vacuum hull


The most affordable of the Tiderace constructions, G-Core employs a biaxial glass cloth to encapsulate the resin supported core material. Biaxial cloths have straight fibres running in two diagonal directions – these dense straight fibres increase the fibre to resin ratio and add stiffness to the laminate. Extra localised reinforcing is employed in high stress areas.

G-Core lite: Vacuum, full core deck and hull


Proven in the Pace series, the G-Core Lite employs a full light-weight core throughout both hull and deck. Fewer glass layers can be used which reduces weight while stiffness is maintained by the resin supported core. This laminate is the least robust of the Tiderace range, but the lighter weight provides easier handling and the stiffness is ideal for racing, fitness training or light fast touring.

Hardcore: Vacuum deck and hull


The toughest and most durable of the Tiderace constructions. Multiple layers are employed giving a puncture resistant glass skin outside the core. Employing only glass on the outside of the laminate makes for easy repairs. Inside, a high tensile layer of carbon / kevlar resists deformation and absorbs heavy impacts – as with all constructions, this is covered with a fine glass cloth to resist foot abrasion inside the cockpit.

Hardore Xtreme – Xtra playboat series – A higher density core and chine edge reinforcement in the cockpit area offer awesome strength/stiffness for big surf conditions.