Never content with resting on their laurels, Tiderace continue into 2017 with new innovation.

Manufacturing processes have been refined, materials are of a higher spec, changes made to the model line-up and customisation options.

Manufacturing processes and materials

2017 sees a move to using more refined and environmentally friendly epoxy resins. We use epoxies throughout the model range, it’s the strongest and most durable of resins. Using the highest quality epoxy allows us to save weight but retain strength in the laminate. 2017 will also see a reconfiguration of certain laminates and reinforcing to maximise robustness without compromising weight. Along with the resin, a new specification gelcoat will be used which will increase durability and abrasion resistance.

Model line-up

The Pace family grows with the addition of a new sibling, the Pace Action-S. Manoeuvrability and control packaged into a compact modern form.

Customisation options

New eye catching graphics and graphic layouts are possible and Tiderace welcomes the opportunity to develop custom designs with customers.

Quality standards

Composite kayaks are mostly handmade, where the product finish relies on the skill and meticulousness of the builder. We set and document the standard of finish our kayaks must comply with and our in-house Quality Assurance Team at the factory ensure that this high standard is maintained. Our goal is to be at the forefront of kayak manufacturing technology.

Advanced skills and knowledge

Our kayaks are often paddled in the harshest conditions and our construction technologies must reflect this. Building a heavy kayak is easy, building a robust, light, stiff kayak takes a little more skill and know-how. We build boats because we are dedicated paddlers. We design and build our own because we demand the best.

Our production partners share our passion and we are proud to be working with a world leading composite manufacturer whose technical capability in water-sports manufacturing is second to none. Access to this wealth of knowledge and skill gives us the opportunity to specify technically advanced laminates and construction technologies with confidence, knowing that our manufacturer has the expertise to implement all of our requirements with ease.


Our manufacturer’s mission is to supply us with the products we want to sell. This positive working relationship gives us a strong foundation to build products that we fully believe in. We, at Tiderace, design and build the sea kayaks that we wish to paddle – we are keen and enthusiastic users of our own products. We have created our own original designs because we could not buy the quality or performance we wanted from any other supplier. We are keen innovators and we enjoy what we do a lot. Our impressive range of kayak models and construction options demonstrate our ongoing commitment to research and development in the field of paddle sport.