Hull Shapes

What is different about our range of shapes?

The range of Tiderace kayaks are roughly grouped into three design families of Touring, Play and Speed.

The Xplore series and Xcape series in the touring group, the Xcite series, the Xtra, and Xtreme in the play group, with Pace 18 setting a new standard in Racing kayaks and Pace Tour and Pace Action in the speed group.

Xplore series

The Xplore range of sea kayaks is designed to serve two purposes: to be efficient, capable, seaworthy expedition kayaks, while also being dynamic to paddle on day trips. Computer designed, the Xplore series hulls are honed to provide especially efficient cruising at above 4 knots. Hatch volume is large, especially in the larger model sizes – these boats have a proven expedition pedigree and are used on record-breaking achievements. Cockpit foredecks are relatively high giving a dynamic and commanding paddling position. When paddled with a light load on day trips, the Xplore rewards the enthusiastic paddler who enjoys edge-turns and easy wave catching.

Xcape series

The Xcape kayaks are designed as solid, dependable, stable yet very efficient touring kayaks. These straighter running boats are an excellent platform to ease away the miles, to hammer through chop and carry a substantial load. The Xcape is the quiet and unassuming performer who grows to be your best friend. The lower, smoother deck creates a sleek profile; Xcape owners are reassured to know they paddle the most refined skeg-equipped touring hulls in the business.

Xcite series

The Xcite is Tiderace’s original playboat for the sea. It surfs, it carves, it edges. It’s the enthusiast’s boat of choice. Easily capable of light touring, the Xcite’s ease of turning and stability also makes it the adventurer’s favourite ‘go-anywhere’ and ‘take-on-anything’ sea kayak. The Xcite has ample speed to get you to the remotest locations and a seaworthy design which lets you enjoy the rough-stuff along the way. The cockpit ergonomics transfer a wealth of feedback back to the paddler making the Xcite a true paddler’s boat. The compact size of the Xcite S makes it an excellent rolling kayak – in the right hands, this boat is capable of preforming all the competition Greenland rolls!

The Xtra

The Xtra is specifically designed for the paddler who wants to get up close to the coastline. With a very shallow V, hard chines, a flat midsection rocker line and turned up ends, the Xtra is a short, stable and manoeuvrable boat, nimble through the rock gardens and an easy boat to surf. This new design has very quickly gained favour with professional coaches for its agility and rock-solid nature.

The Xtreme

The Xtreme is the proverbial artist’s blank canvas. Bring along your imagination, your curiosity and your desire to investigate the fringe of possibilities. Flat bottomed, hard chines, high volume ends, with the largest rocker curvature of any sea kayak, the Xtreme plays harder than any of it’s peers. Its 17′ length gives it enough speed to keep up with any touring group, but once it arrives at the play location, the Xtreme will come alive!
Available to special order only…Ask your dealer.

Pace 18

The Pace 18 is Tiderace’s first venture into a sea kayak designed for all-out speed. Designed to fit within the Fast Sea Kayak class, the 18′ waterline and rounded cross-section make the Pace 18 a competitive touring sea kayak. Its expedition style cockpit layout gives the paddler a secure and commanding seating position when in open water. The Pace 18 is also suitable for fitness training and fast lightweight touring.

Pace Tour

The Pace Tour takes a fresh look at how a high performance expedition kayak should perform. The Pace Tour carries a load more efficiently over a distance than any other Tiderace expedition kayak, it’s more stable, has a faster sprint speed to catch and surf waves easier and is more efficient paddling upwind. A narrow hull width forward of the cockpit allows for an effective catch during the paddle stroke and it has a rudder for precise direction control. The new styled deck shape adds storage space, increases overall boat stiffness and water-shedding properties.

Pace Action

The Pace Action brings true versatility to the Tiderace range. Based on the proven Xcite hull a Pace Action offers hull speed, carrying capacity and world class rough water handing to rival most traditional sea kayaks.
If you’re in the market for a short, light, efficient tourer/day tripper that turns into a dynamic play boat with the simple haul on the rudder line then you should give it a try.