Tiderace Customer Warranty

Warranty Terms
Tiderace warrants for one year from the date of retail purchase all kayaks to be free from defects in materials and workmanship only. This warranty applies to the original owner for purchases made directly from an authorised Tiderace dealer. The warranty is not transferable as warranty does not apply to second hand kayaks. Tiderace does not warrant that the kayak is unbreakable. Your original invoice is your proof of purchase.

If damage is due to a material or manufacturing defect, Tiderace will repair or replace all or any parts of the kayak, at Tiderace’s discretion. Tiderace reserves the right to determine if a product will be covered under warranty.

Not Covered:

  • Normal wear
  • Cosmetic blemishes
  • Damage due to improper use, modification, negligence or transport
  • Demo or rental kayaks
  • Transportation charges either way
  • Incidental damages to property
  • Personal injury
  • Consequential damages

Warranty Procedure:
We will work with you through the dealer who sold you the kayak. To pursue a customer warranty claim, contact the dealer as they are best placed to advise if you have grounds for a claim.

You will be asked to provide the dealer with the following information:

  • Your name, address, telephone number & email address
  • A description of the problem
  • A description of what happened and any witnesses
  • Why you feel it is a warranty problem
  • Kayak serial number (located at stern or inside cockpit)
  • Date of purchase
  • Proof of purchase