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Review of Tiderace boats mainly. But can also be events, places, trips, people!

Leave a comment | 28/02/2017 | Pace Tour

Taking the Pace Tour for a paddle in Aus

Taking the Pace 17 Tour on a test drive

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Leave a comment | 01/12/2016 | Pace Action

The Pace Evoke (Pace Action) on the water

Read about the Pace Evoke / Action

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Leave a comment | 24/11/2016 | Pace 18

What’s it like to paddle the Pace 18?

After 18 months of use, a Pace 18 paddler gives us his thoughts on the kayak Paddling the Pace 18

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What the paddlers of have to say about the Tiderace Xcite Punter’s reviews of the Tidreace Xcite and the Tiderace Xcite S

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Xplore by people who paddle her

Read all about it: reviews of the Tiderace Xplore The Tiderace Xplore The Tiderace Xplore M The Tiderace Xplore X

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