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Pace 18

  • The Tiderace Pace 18: Perfect for fitness training, fast lightweight touring and sea kayak racing

The Tiderace Pace 18: Perfect for fitness training, fast lightweight touring and sea kayak racing

Pace Series

Pure science! A fast sea kayak (FSK) is defined by the ratio of its surface waterline length to surface waterline width when it sits 4 inches deep in the water. This 18 foot long kayak takes this measurement ratio as close to the limit as tolerances allow. Minimal mid-section rocker, rounded cross-sections throughout and computer designed to give the lowest possible resistance values at racing speed. The Pace18 is configured with the signature Tiderace cockpit design which allows full boat control in rough or moving water along with an ability to be eskimo rolled. This swede form hull possesses a high sprint speed yet is surprisingly stable for such a pure-bred racing sea kayak and can be an effective lightweight touring kayak for the “Alpinist” style paddler who wants to cover distances quickly.

Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Pace 18
Paddler 80/kayak 22.5kg
70 – 95 kg 548.6 cm overall 53.5cm overall 31.5cm 87 x 49cm
548 cm waterline 48.4cm waterline

Volumes in litres

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total litres
Pace 18 110 6 n/a 120 137 373
24cm round 15cm round n/a 44 x 26cm oval

Colourways: .Standard . Forward order only

UK Weights

USA Weights


Stability curve for the Pace 18



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