Play at Sea

Play at Sea

The boats in the Play at Sea series sit on a continuum between rough water touring to extreme rough water play. They appeal to paddlers who enjoy stability, maneuverability, who want to have fun where the sea meets the coast.  Where cliffs and rocks meet waves and swell, these kayaks will delight paddlers with their precise edge handling and ease of turning. When the sea’s energy is channeled skywards, these boats excel in the surf  You will play, learn and grin your way through the day.


The Tiderace Xcite is a touring sea kayak with high manoeuvrability, stability, comfort and seaworthiness. The boat’s composure in rough water is legendary – it gives paddlers a feeling of security and invincibility that is rarely found in other designs.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Xcite S: 60 – 80 kg

Xcite: 75 – 95 kg


The Xtra is a short, nimble and stable sea kayak designed for manoeuvrability through the rock gardens. It incorporates a hard-chined hull mid-section for outstanding surfing ability. This highly controllable boat provides security and fun for those seeking adventures closer to shore.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Xtra: 70 – 90 kg

Xtra HV: 80 – 100 kg


The Tiderace Vortex is easily manoeuvred through rock gardens and carves up the surf. The design gives the Vortex a high initial and secondary stability which inspires confidence in paddlers who wish to improve their skills. The Vortex has a high cruising speed for a “play the sea” kayak, easily keeping up with the group on day trips.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Vortex: 70 – 100 kg