Speed at Sea

Speed at Sea

The kayaks in the Speed at Sea combine the best features and characteristics of the Tiderace range with new thinking about how the next generation of sea kayaks should perform. These appeal to progressive kayakers who value speed but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, and who’re looking to upgrade to the next level.

Pace 18

The Tiderace Pace 18 is designed for efficient cruising at over 5 knots The Pace is a stable and seaworthy kayak designed for adventurers with an “alpinist” approach to expedition kayaking.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Pace 18: 70 – 95 kg

Pace Action

The Pace Action builds on Tiderace’s best selling model and is a ‘compact boat format’ which saves weight and makes full use of the waterline length. The computer designed hull is specifically shaped to take advantage of the precise direction control gained by incorporating a rudder.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Pace Action: 75 – 95 kg

Pace Action S: 60 – 85 kg

Pace Tour

The Tiderace Pace 17 Tour retains the signature Tiderace cockpit and four hatch layout and boyond this everything has been redeisgned using computer from the keel up. The Pace tour carries a load more efficiently over a distance than any other Tiderace expedition kayak.

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Suitable Paddler Weight

Pace Tour: 80 – 110 kg

Pace Tour S: 60 – 95 kg