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Xcape Series

Tour Series

Experience calm before, during and after the storm when paddling the Xcape. The Xcape series are designed as solid, dependable, highly stable yet very efficient touring kayaks. These straighter running boats are an excellent platform to ease away the miles, to hammer through chop and carry a substantial load. The Xcape is the quiet and unassuming performer who grows to be your best friend. The lower, smoother deck creates a sleek profile; Designed to take the hard work out of expeditioning, the Xcape glides through the most challenging waters whilst eating away the miles.

Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Paddler 75/kayak 25kg
60 – 85 kg 513cm overall 54cm overall 28.5cm 87 x 49cm
445cm waterline 53.2cm waterline
Paddler 85/kayak 25kg
75 – 95 kg 540cm overall 55cm overall 31cm 87 x 49cm
466cm waterline 53.4 cm waterline
Paddler 95/kayak 28kg
85-105kg 535cm overall 57.5cm 33.5cm 89 x 52cm
468cm waterline 56.4cm

Volumes in litres

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total litres
Xcape-S 80 6 39 70 137 332
24cm round 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval
Xcape 87 6 45 72 150 360
44 x 26cm oval 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval
Xcape-X 99 6 47 85 169 406
44 x 26cm oval 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval

Colourways: .Standard . Forward order only

UK Weights

USA Weights


Stability curve for the Xcape-S


Stability curve for the Xcape


Stability curve for the Xcape-X



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