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Xcite Series

Play Series

The Xcite is Tiderace’s original playboat for the sea. It surfs, it carves, it edges. It’s the enthusiast’s boat of choice. Easily capable of light touring, the Xcite’s ease of turning and stability also makes it the adventurer’s favourite ‘go-anywhere’ and ‘take-on-anything’ sea kayak. The Xcite has ample speed to get you to the remotest locations and a seaworthy design which lets you enjoy the rough-stuff along the way. The cockpit ergonomics transfer a wealth of feedback back to the paddler making the Xcite a true paddler’s boat. The compact size of the Xcite S makes it an excellent rolling kayak – in the right hands, this boat is capable of performing all the competition Greenland rolls!

Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Paddler 85/kayak 25kg
75 – 95 kg 532cm overall 54cm overall 31cm 87 x 49cm
456cm waterline 53 cm waterline
Paddler 70/kayak 23kg
55 – 80 kg 500cm overall 50cm overall 29cm 85 x 47cm
432cm waterline 50.4cm waterline

Volumes in litres

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total litres
Xcite 90 6 42 76 152 366
24cm round 15cm round 20cm round 24cm round
Xcite-S 73 6 n/a 99 132 310
24cm round 15cm round 44 x26cm oval

Colourways: .Standard . Forward order only

UK Weights

USA Weights

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stability Xcite_S

Stability curve for Xcite_S

stability Xcite

Stability curve for Xcite



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