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Xplore Models

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The Xplore range of sea kayaks is designed to serve two purposes: to be efficient, capable, seaworthy expedition kayaks, while also being dynamic to paddle on day trips. Computer designed, the Xplore series hulls are honed to provide especially efficient cruising at above 4 knots. Hatch volume is large, especially in the larger model sizes – these boats have a proven expedition pedigree and used on record-breaking achievements. Cockpit foredecks are relatively high giving a dynamic and commanding paddling position. When paddled with a light load on day trips, the Xplore rewards the enthusiastic paddler who enjoys edge-turns and easy wave catching.

Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Paddler 80/kayak 24kg
60-85kg 530cm overall 51cm overall 30cm 87 x 49cm
460cm waterline 50.6cm waterline
Paddler 85/kayak 25kg
75-95kg 530cm overall 54cm overall 31.5cm 87 x 49cm
460cm waterline 53 cm waterline
Paddler 90/kayak 26kg
80-100kg 550cm overall 54cm overall 33.5cm 87 x 49cm
470cm waterline 53cm waterline
Paddler 95/kayak 29kg
85-110kg 550cm overall 61cm 35cm 89 x 52cm
470cm waterline 58.6cm

Volumes in litres

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total litres
Xplore-S 80 6 38 70 136 330
24cm round 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval
Xplore-M 85 6 44 73 146 354
44 x 26cm oval 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval
Xplore-L 92 6 48 76 158 380
44 x 26cm oval 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval
Xplore-X 105 6 50 90 179 430
44 x 26cm oval 15cm round 20cm round 44 x 26cm oval


Colourways: .Standard . Forward order only

UK Weights

USA Weights

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Stability curve generated for Xplore S


Stability curve generated for Xplore L

stability Xplore X

Stability curve generated for Xplore X.


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