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  • Xtra model

Xtra model

Tour Series

Tiderace has created another extraordinary kayak. Designed for surf and rock hopping, the Xtra makes all the traditional play manoeuvres easy and new ones possible! Incorporating a planing hull and loads of rocker, this highly controllable boat plays the sea with abandon. Quick acceleration for bursting through the eddyline or initiating a surf, excellent stability for carving bottom turns, and loose ends for quick cut-backs are some of the results of this forward thinking design. Like all Tiderace sea kayaks, the Xtra is designed to keep pace with the group on a day trip. Load up your camping kit and paddle to your favourite remote play spot, the Xtra handles the sea in all conditions

Model Suitable paddler weight Length
Paddler 80/kayak 25kg
65 – 90 kg 505cm overall 56cm overall 30.5cm 87 x 49cm
435cm waterline 55cm waterline
Xtra HV
Paddler 90/kayak 25kg
80 – 100 kg 505cm overall 56.5cm overall 32.5cm 87 x 49cm
435cm waterline 55.4 cm waterline

Volumes in litres

Model Front Foredeck Day
Rear Cockpit Total litres
Xtra 70 6 43 69 152 337
24cm round 15cm round 20cm round 24cm round
Xtra HV 75 6 48 75 165 369
24cm round 15cm round 20cm round 24cm round

Colourways: .Standard . Forward order only

UK Weights

USA Weights


Stability curve for the Xtra and Xtra HV



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